Rebecca & Fiona

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Rebecca & Fiona

Rebecca & Fiona are the real deal. Taking the world by storm, producing beats that are out of this world, playing gigs like Tomorrowland and to crowds of 30,000 they are living the dream. They are babin, talented and don’t make the mistake of assuming Rebecca is still dating Adrian Lux – she is fair game now. I had the chance to chat with the girls about shoes, their opinion on the lack of female producers and their tour to Australia.

So you girls are touring in Australia very soon! What are you looking forward to the most and have you been here before?

No we haven’t been there before so we’re really excited and we haven’t seen anything so we’re really excited to come to Australia!

What can someone expect from a Rebecca & Fiona DJ set?

We play pretty heavy stuff not very commercial. Mostly edits and unreleased stuff, we focus on things like that. People can expect something different.

I’ve watched some of your documentary and that was HUGE in Sweden! How have your lives changed since then?

It was a documentary of our tour a few years ago. We presented a lot of new music so it got pretty big because it was a new way to explore dance music with pictures. People knew us. It was a funny format for how to present music.

What’s the craziest show you guys have played?

We played Tomorrowland! It was very, very cool and crazy and in Sweden we play very big shows with 30,000 people. But main stage at Tomorrowland there could have been 30,000 people but it wasn’t like that because we played very early. It was really cool though.

For all the music nerds out there, what do you use to produce your music?

We use Logic and we produce and write in Logic mostly and a Swedish program called Reason. Mostly Logic.

Any hardware?

We have a couple of old synthesizers and drum machines. We have some really cool, expensive stuff but we mostly don’t have time to be in the studio. It’s very sad but true.

I’ve noticed you’ve got a great collection of Buffalos! Very jealous. What are your favorite pair?

Yeah! It’s the black ones, the Buffalo Towers and I have a pair of off white ones as well. We only usually use the black ones.

Have you seen the 30cm ones yet?

Yeah, they’re crazy but we think they’re a bit over the top, haha.

The GLOVES remix of your track Luminary Ones is amazing and so funky. Do you have any fav remixes of your own tracks?

We love another group called Loops of Fury, we are fans of them and they remixed our track ‘Dance’ and we think that remix is really cool.

You guys obviously bonded over your mutual love for electronic beats, who are your fav producers and what kind of music do you listen to in your spare time.

We like Miike Snow, the two guys behind that, Bloodshy & Avant they’re really good musicians, we like them. And we mostly like old music, like Olof Dreijer who is one half of The Knife. We like Richie Hawtin. We also think he’s very sexy.

I think you guys are definitely pioneering the girl movement in the electronic dance music.  Why do you think its taken so long for girls to start producing?

We were discussing this with at our DJ school, we were discussing with the kids. And the guys, all the young guys in their 20’s they had just started producing and all the girls hadn’t even tried.  We were discussing why and we asked the guys, ‘Have you played Counter Strike or World of Warcraft and a lot of them were all computer nerds and gamers. So we discussed that maybe there was a natural way from being to a gamer isolated in their cellar and changing that into producing. And for girls to sit down, to lock themselves in a room, it doesn’t work with society. Society puts out that you need to be very outgoing and social as a girl.  We can’t really be a nerd and lock yourself into a studio because it wouldn’t be very appealing to guys so girls are afraid to do that.

You both are massive babes, ever met any crazy male fans before?

Oh yeah we meet a lot of crazy fans! We get wedding rings. Its weird but it’s kind of fun though.

Staying on your looks, you both have really great style. Who are your fashion icons?

We don’t really have an icon but we take a lot of advice and change clothes with our friend Tommy X. He is kind of like our stylist. We mostly like second hand shopping and we just try to find new styles. We only wear things that are comfortable and fun, you know? We don’t like to consume too much like buying new stuff every weekend. We borrow stuff from our friends and re-do stuff a lot.

So just to finish up, what do you have in store for the rest of the year?

We are touring then we are going to try to get another album ready towards the spring so we’re going to try to producing some new stuff. We’re doing a collaboration with Style of Eye so we’re going to do a track with him that’s going to be released really soon.

Thanks so much for your time! Hopefully see you down here when you tour!

Thanks so much!


Rebecca & Fiona are currently on tour in Australia, you can check them out here:

Brisbane – 21st September @ Eatons Hill Hotel

Newcastle – 22nd September @ FAT AS BUTTER FESTIVAL

Melbourne – 22nd September @ Alumbra

Sydney – 28th September @ Marquee

Gold Coast – 29th September @ Platinum

Adelaide – 30th September @ HQ



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