Jenga – Kano (feat. Vybz Kartel prod. by Boys Noize & Diplo)

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Jenga – Kano (feat. Vybz Kartel prod. by Boys Noize & Diplo)

Last month Boys Noize did a guest mix on Diplo’s BBC Radio 1Xtra show, and Diplo alluded to how he and Boys Noize go way back, how he wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for the unibrowed banger Prince.

Here’s evidence of one of their current collaborations that Diplo hinted at, saying: “We’ve actually produced a couple of important hip hop records together, you might not know, for Vybz Kartel, for Yasmin, for Snoop Dogg, lots of other rappers I can’t mention, that you won’t even know because they’re so underground and crazy.”

Four heavy hitters come together on this track, and if you didn’t know about Kano or Vybz Kartel previously, take a few minutes to appreciate the flow. “Jenga” has a powerful but understated melody, since the lyrics rightfully take precedence. It’s safe to assume Diplo coordinated this talent cluster with his connections to the hip hop and dancehall world, and it makes for a colorful mix of artists, with the German Noize, Kano from the UK, and Vybz from Kingston.

Since collabs like these are apparently too “underground and crazy” for Diplo to blast, this track was shared courtesy of Mr. Ridha, who gives special props to Kano: “Another joint I did with Kano & Diplo. Check Kane’s album(s).”


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