Jensen Interceptor

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Jensen Interceptor

You may know Jensen Interceptor as one half of Light Year but if you see him on the street you can probably get away with calling him ‘Mikey’. Just having released his techno slathered Interception EP he is touring this ozone scarce country and we were able to catch up with him for an exchange of words.

So why did you get rid of your magical beard and long hair? Was it a cathartic step forward from Light Year or just fucking itchy?

Neither really – my sudden new hair style was the direct result of being cornered and trapped in a bathroom with two Asian scissor sisters with the color brown in their eyes. Going into summer, it’s worked out for me.

You’re about to release your first solo EP ‘Interception’, do you feel more pressure with this release as a solo artist?

No, not at all – It’s quite the opposite. As a solo artist, I have total control & creative freedom with my music. It’s a nice feeling. In saying that… I still love working with other artists. There’s a few new collabs in the works right now.

Motorik has gone from being a party offering something new to Sydney club rats to a full fledged label releasing brain melting techno. How did you choose to release your music with Motorik?

Initially I planned to releasing my music on Bang Gang 12’s because I started a relationship there with Light Year. However once Hunter S Gruzman (aka Prince Fingers Thee Hoodrat) told me about the exciting new label he was starting with CSMNT61 & Vivi, I thought it would be the perfect platform to launch my new project. It also doesn’t hurt having people you work closely with putting out your music! Basically, it allows me to have a lot more involvement and control with my releases and because of this, I consider myself to be extremely lucky.

How did you decide on ‘Jensen Interceptor’ and can we be expecting a vocal house side project in the works as Delron Creme?

The name Jensen Interceptor actually came from Jordan (Light Year), believe it or not. We used to joke around in the studio and come up with hilarious / really cool dj names. One day after Jordan saw an episode of Top Gear where they did a bit on a certain British sports car, he came into the studio and told me the name: Jensen Interceptor. It was love at first sound.

As for Delron Creme… We will just have to wait and see.

If you could get kicked off the decks by any of those in the new league of what I like to call, ‘The Nu Wave Make-Shift Djs’ who include the elite Black Eyed Peas clan, Paris Hilton and many more, who would it be and how would you react?

I heard somewhere that Wesley Snipes has had a crack at Djing – I would definitely jump off the decks for him. No questions asked. I would also be ecstatic to see the real life BLADE in action: hopefully he’d drop some Public Domain.

Where did the inspiration for the Jensen Interceptor sound come from?

There’s no way I could type out that list – there’s so many great artists out there that have inspired me – in one way or another.
However as a solo artist, I’m not really trying to emulate anyone else’s music. I’m not trying to write music for the masses, either – which probably isn’t the smartest idea for an artist coming from Australia. I’m just writing music for myself, and it’s a bonus that the wonderful people over at MTK records like it and want to put it out.

Are you a fan of this new wave of techno or the old and why?

Both, but I’m still a MASSIVE fan of the old school. In fact, I’ve been playing quite a lot of old records in my sets lately, such as Mr. Oizo – M-SEQ (2,5) EP & Mateo Murphy’s Love Express. As for the new wave, I’m really vibing on guys like J Tijn, Nautiluss, Blawan, Hoshina Anniversary, Locked Groove and, of course, my south American connection, CSMNT61.

So we all got to have a good old chuckle and gasp at Steve Aoki’s ridic rider. What’s on your dream rider?

My dream rider… It’d definitely include an hour long massage before and after my sets (female masseuse essential), a jacuzzi in my dressing room, a freezer full of Snickers ice cream bars, a butler fluent in 5 different languages, never ending confetti cannons, tickets to the local aquarium & the Seinfeld box set in my hotel room. These are just the bare essentials. My festival rider is slightly longer.

What can we expect on your JI tour of Aus and are you going to be taking your ear bleeding brand of techno to other shores soon?

Lots & lots of UNTZ, unfortunately just Oz for now – however there are plans to go worldwide over the next 8 months.


You can have a listen to his new Interception EP here out now!

Check JI on his ‘Interception’ Tour… there are but a few places left to catch him at:

21.09.12 Motorik! @ Secret Location, Sydney

29.09.12 Survivor @ The Bottom End, Melbourne


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