Boys Noize opens up on new album and show

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Boys Noize opens up on new album and show

Photo Credit: Björn Jonas

A new live show, a new album and breathe of fresh air has come thanks to the musical stylings of (as quote by Diplo) “One of the most influential DJs of the past decade”, none other than Boys Noize

With as much buzz as hype surrounding the new album ‘Out Of The Black’, we got the opportunity to chat to the German about everything that has got him to this point!

With a new album, new live show and European and American tour organised, It seems that Boys Noize is well and truly back on the attack! How long has it taken you to prepare all this?

In the last quarter of last year, i decided to take time off this year, so i only did 2 festivals and maybe 1 club gig per month. That gave me a lot of time in my studio earlier this year and it was such a great feeling to make music everyday.

When was the moment you decided to create a new album and collaborate the live show? Was there any reasons behind it?

There are couple of reasons. First of all, it is my 3rd album now so, i easily have enough own tracks to play for hours 😉 also, i think it s the right time to try out something else then djing. don’t get me wrong i am a dj, it s my biggest passion too but i feel like the audience doesnt really care about dj skillz and stuff like that and since music has become very functional, any dj, even you, can rock the crowd it seems. when i play on festivals, people just wanna hear your songs and i’ve been quite lucky that i’ve done kind of a split between djing and live performance but now i want to create a full on bOySnOiZe show, just like a concert.

Who is your favourite musician of all time?

hm that s really not easy. there have been too many amazing ones…

In relation to the last question, If he/she/they were standing next to you right now, which track would you be most eager to show off to them on the new album?

let s say it is Prince, i d probably show him “Ich R U” cause it s pretty funky. If it was Thomas Bangalter i d show him “Missile”

No tour of Australia has been announced, can you give us any hints or riddles to when you will be down under because we know you wouldn’t be far off!?

i promise i’m coming back early 2013 !! the tour will be announced very soon 🙂

Did you collaborate with Snoop Dogg directly when you made the track ‘Got It’? If so, how was the dynamics?

yes, i ve met him in LA and i hung out with him at his place. He’s so funny man, i showed him a couple of Dance Mania and old booty-chicgo house
tracks, he was really into this. everything was recorded at his place, no fancy LA studio, which i found amazing.

Can you tell us a bit about the album title ‘Out of the black’ and what it means?

it doesnt mean anything really. it’s a new twist on the english saying “out of the blue” and “out of the black” sounded even cooler hehe. but yeah also, it s true i produce most of my music once the sun is down. I love the night, it’s most relaxing, i like to make noise when everyone is sleeping 🙂

How do you want people to feel once they have listened your album front to back in one sitting?

this is very subjective, you know, i never thought that someone would listen to “oi oi oi” before going to work. now, since it s finished and about to come out i really hope my fans & friends will like this and have good feelings after listening. To be honest, i’m very happy already when my producer friends only think this album sounds amazing because of the way i produced it.

Do you have any personal message you would like to send out to the Stoney Roads community?

Keep up the good work and keep supporting good people. thank you for your support ! thank you !! oi, alex


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