When worlds collide; AFL superstar calls out Female Australian DJ
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When worlds collide; AFL superstar calls out Female Australian DJ

Australian AFL player Brock McLean has blasted female Australian singer and dancer DJ Havana Brown on Twitter calling her a ‘PRETENDER’

McLean who currently plays for the Carton Football Club tweeted on the 19th of August to his 13,000+ followers – “Havana Brown… You are not a DJ. Stop pretending and tell everyone that you play CD’s. You’re not kidding anyone but yourself!!! PRETENDER”

We’re not sure of the context and if the ‘DJ’ played for the AFL team but when someone from a completely different field (pun intended) can pick up on your inability to actually DJ you should be worried.

A quick look at her and you’d think she’s a bit more worried about what she’s wearing, donning aviators and flipping hair off her face then matching BPMs or getting ready to mix something decent.

DJ Havana Brown real name Angelique Meunier offers a familiar story of a single white bread hit “We Run The night” paving the way for a career that has included touring with Britney Spears, Rhianna and Chris Brown (and countless endorsements).

The fact labels still encourage this sort of activity is at time nauseating and a real kick in the face of hard working and genuine dance and electronic producers/artists.

Have a watch below and let us know where this sits on a scale of 1 to crap.


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