Will I Am

We're not sure if NASA are trolling or... crawling with this one but plans have supposedly been put in place to debut Will.I.Am's new single "Reach for the Stars" through the 'Curiosity' Rover on Mars.

According to Music Feeds via News.com.au the track will be played exclusively to the kids at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena before being sent via the radio waves to Curiositys on-board speakers.

Now its taken a cool 8 months and $2.5 billion to send it there and admit-ably we've seen some serious doughnut work but to play a commercial stinker of an artist such as Will.I.Am, yes the same doofus that wrote "This Is Love", c'mon #facepalm

Mars Rover
We're more for some Daft Punk or even Sebastien Tellier (he's an alien too right) .... we just hope any lifeforms out there don't take this badly.

What would you pick as the first song played on Mars?

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