Watch footage of the Megaupload owner Kim Dot Com raid
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Watch footage of the Megaupload owner Kim Dot Com raid

A New Zealand news station has released footage shot from a helicopter of the raid on Megaupload owner Kim Dot Coms property.

This first glimpse shows and describes the raid, warrant and overreaction to the whole situation intercut with courtroom footage, including explanations from Kim and an officier involved in the arrest.

Included in the footage is a look inside the secret ‘red room’ Kim was eventually found in.

Kim Dot Com was arrested at the start of year for his control and operation of the popular file sharing site Megaupload.

The case so far has hit multiple speed bumps with evidence stating that Megaupload never had an entity in the US and a New Zealand High Court judge ruling that the warrant and raid were illegal.

So why the raid and arrest?

Many believe the timing was far too close to the initial introduction of SOPA and PIPA in the US, two powerful tools that would have allowed the Entertainment Industry to shutdown ‘offending’ sites.

source: Prefix Mag


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