Top Djs Pay For Exposure in Dj Mag
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Top Djs Pay For Exposure in Dj Mag

Through an article published today by industry critic site, it appears that a few of the worlds top Djs have been paying for coverage in DjMag (an industry standard for print publication). An insider at the magazine provided invoices to prove astronomical amounts for advertising packages. As noted in the original article, producers such as Ferry Corsten, Aly & Fila, and Paul Van Dyk have paid up to £15,000 for a said ‘advertising package’. The invoices just so happened to correspond with issues that featured the said artists in articles and other mentions throughout the magazine. In our mind, advertising costs involve actual Ads not the seemingly unbiased content that are the reason people read publications.

EDM Snob apparently uncovered this worm-hole while researching the apparent cheating of some Djs on the famed top 100 poll. What are the roles of artists labels, management, and agencies to become? The Dj world is becoming strangely familiar to Wall Streets big banks with monopolies on ‘unbiased’ press outlets. Unfortunately this seems to be what the electronic music world has come to: buying success. Though the said artists are past their prime, they seem to have the financial backing to keep their career going strong. So tips to become a Dj: Pay someone to ghosts produce for you, Buy fans on Facebook, Buy interviews and even a magazine cover, Buy your way up to Beatport Chart, and Cheat on the Top 100 poll. There you have its as easy as getting a small business loan and your well on your way.

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