After a hard day's work it's essential to unwind. Some people meditate, others pound a beer, spark a joint, watch the news, finger paint...but what all of those people don't realize is that the only way to truly alleviate their work-a-day woes is with dance therapy. Say what? Yep, DANCE THERAPY. If that sounds crazy, just play the track and Chris "The Voice's" silky, sultry purr will serenade you through it.

From his recent album Polarity, Eric Sneo's original laid the groundwork nicely for a deadly remix by Pleasurekraft. Adding layers of string-infused melodies, they refined Sneo's heavy techno drum beats with pleasureful perfection. Released on Umek's 1605 Music Therapy, Pleasurekraft describes their remix as "retro-housey" - but no matter what you wanna call it, this funky fresh tune will make your body MOVE.

Wouldn't the world be a better place if everyone just shut up and danced? Ok, now I'll shut up too.