Shinichi Osawa & Paul Chambers – Singapore Madness
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Shinichi Osawa & Paul Chambers – Singapore Madness

Remember ">Singapore Swing? Frankly I didn’t expect these guys to team up for the second time for another bleepy madness: This track, I tell you, will explode right on your ears just the way Singapore Swing does.

While being a bit off the radar lately Shinichi Osawa was definitely one of the top on the era of electro boom a few years back. He has his own unique sound imprints, that’s the kind of a crossover between techno and electro with lots of thrown in, if I have to make a really quick guess.

What I mean is, you can always tell the differences between his work and other big boys, say Tiga or Boys Noize to name a few. There’s just distinctive sound that tells you, hey, this track is by Shinichi. I really enjoyed SO2 back then and it’s good to see these guys get back in business.


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