P. Diddy Does Ibiza
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P. Diddy Does Ibiza

IBIZA (Trailer) from Diddy on Vimeo.

The man, the mogul, the rapper P.Diddy has expressed his love for Ibiza, proving no one can stay away from the magical island of dance. As claimed in the description, Sean Puffy Comb’s clothing lines, liquor companies, and music empire came to age over the past 15 years in Ibiza. To the tune of ‘Run This Town’ he describes and ‘shows’ taking over Dj booths and popping bottles (With a Pauly D looking character in one  club shot).

Though Diddy tries give the illusions he is taking over, we believe otherwise. By all means, we welcome and support this intrusion into the culture. Hopefully Diddy will work with Oakenfold. The video though, seem like an attempt of Puffy to get his foot in the door of the booming EDM industry. All the while, he tries to keep that Hip-Hop toughness. Well at leasts thats how we see it.

Look for the full experience later this summer. Hopefully Diddy will bring some of that Oscar winning money to the Dj booth. Maybe then we wouldn’t have so many starving producers.


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