NI Plans Maschine Hardware + Software Upgrade
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NI Plans Maschine Hardware + Software Upgrade

You guys remember Maschine? The beat production tools loved by big time producers such as Chris Liebing and Richie Hawtin will receive a significant upgrade next month, October 1st. Tada!

No seriously though, the most visible upgrade will be the makeover of the pads that now lit brightly and in full-color ala Traktor F1. Aside from impressing women it would also help you identify quickly which pad contain which sound on an intense live sessions. The master section has also been redesigned, one big knob instead of three standard sized ones in the old Maschine controller.

UPDATE: Now we want to make it clear that the new hardware are only for those who bought Maschine after Oct 1st and not for existing user who already has it. So if you’re planning to get a new copy these days, make sure you get the Mk2 and not the old clearance stock from the supplier.

The software, aside from glittery bling bling to go along with the hardware will also contain updates long awaited by users such as pitch-shifting and time-stretching as well as a few effects that will fall under the saturation and dynamics category: the transient master as well as a new tube, tube saturator and tape saturator effects.

This looks like a pretty cool update that I would definitely consider as I wait for someone to buy my older, autographed controller for full price.

Maschine Mk2 Official Page


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