Luke Million – Ice Ice Arnie (Cool Party)
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Luke Million – Ice Ice Arnie (Cool Party)

We all know Luke Million is responsible for what can be considered an important part of music history, a song simply named ‘Arnold’. They do say, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em… so he’s made another Schwarzenegger flavoured disco jam. Don’t worry, I don’t think it’s the modern day ‘Crookers-‘WOW” debacle all over again – although the thought of him releasing an entirely Arnold sampled album isn’t half bad in my books.

Luke says on his Soundcloud page:

For a bit of fun I whipped up a track for Tom and Alex from Triple J to feature on their breakfast show. The criteria was “use as many Mr Freeze puns as possible from the 1997 movie Batman and Robin”. The result was 50 seconds of Mr Freeze and 80’s Boogie. Upon request I have extended the Jam 🙂

Either way, it’s a lot of fun, funky as 1989 and even squeezes a heart lol out of you along the way.


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