This video gives you a small insight of how huge the L.A. Riots really are. Daniel has been apart for the project that 'Blew Up Over Night' since the beginning. In their early days these guys had more remixes than anyone could follow, hit after hit. He meshed the tops tracks with the dance culture. At the time (4-5 years ago) the U.S. didn't have the EDM passion it has today. Personally we think that the Riots really helped bring this drive to the early supporters. Their list of huge remixes goes on and on, from legends Justice, to bad girl Uffie, and even pop queen Kylie Minogue. Until you experience the Dj set of the Riots you really can't understand the true perfection of a Dj and producer combined into one. Pure synchronization is the best way to describe the flow that an L.A. Riots sets goes. From genre to genre, while keeping the same medium sound that their remixes are well known for a each gig is a journey. Make sure to no only check this overview, but pick up every single sound Daniel has ever got his hands on. Once L.A. Riots are in your collection, you won't need anything else.

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