Kanye West working with Grammy winning Dubstep producer
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Kanye West working with Grammy winning Dubstep producer

It’s not a day in the music world without some ridiculous collaboration, this time it’s the king of the rap game Kanye West and Grammy award winning Dubstep producer Skrillex.

Yep… you read that correctly, Yeezy and Skrillzy on the same track.

FACT Mag spilled the details after the ‘Bangarang’ producer spoke to The Daily Beast in an interview sharing “I did some music with Kanye” adding “and from what I know, it’s actually going to be the first song on his new album”. First single or opening track then, but more than likely the former.”

Any ideas on a track name?

More on the Skrillex tip comes the supposed teaming of himself and Berlin based mono-brow rocker Boys Noize for Dog Blood – a self described “300% break-acid-tech-noise” two track EP that we diagnosed here.

Seems like Sonny Moore is pretty busy? Correct, his current girlfriend Ellie Goulding wanted to get him to produce her new record ‘Halocyn’ revealing to NME “I definitely wanted him to work with this record, and… there’s no doubt that Sonny and I will work together, when we’re both a little bit less busy – because at the moment, his career is crazy.”

Yeah of the Dragon, phhfft  more like year of the Skrillex.


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