Diplo; “I make more money in a weekend than my grandpa made in a year”
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Diplo; “I make more money in a weekend than my grandpa made in a year”

Mad Decent label owner Diplo, real name Thomas Wesley Pentz confessed some honest truths in a one on one interview with Vibe magazine.

He covered some rather topical conversations being had in todays dance and electronic world, from button pushers to collaborations and even the amount of money superstar DJs are earning.

One of the pointier comments made was when Thomas spilled  “Being a DJ is pretty bullshit, I’m lucky I can produce records, too, because DJs don’t do shit. They just fucking play records. Usher is trained to dance. Justin Bieber had to train 24 hours a day to be a performer. What I do is pretty simple. It’s a good time to be a DJ and make good money, but you definitely can’t have an ego doing this shit because it’s not that cool.”

On the one side we’re right behind this, the overall saturation of the market has led everyone to be a DJ, from kids in bedrooms to celebritys such as Paris Hilton, Prince Harry and even Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt.

A con to this all is the de-valuing of the skills involved, there are still plenty of veteran and new DJs who are foremost great at spinning records and something we should promote within the electronic and dance world! If Diplo’s given up… then what’s next?

The Philly born producer also strengthened the globally dominating trend of ‘EDM’ by explaining the change of heart when it comes to artists wanting to work with him “It used to be hard to convince [artists] that working with me is a good idea or something to even consider,” he says. “Now, a lot of guys are reaching out like, ‘Hey, I want to be a part of your movement, or whatever.”

He finished with “Sometimes I make more money in a weekend than my grandpa made in a year” a rather bold statement that reflects the superstar status of todays DJ.

The real question is, do these characters who “just play fucking records” deserve all this?


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