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We've had Boys Noize on BLAST lately, and here's another addition to the archives. With new tracks from his upcoming album Out of the Black trickling through the interwebs, there is a lot in store for Mr. Ridha this fall, especially when he starts his live tour in October.

Although this mix is just shy of an hour long, it's a massive collection of tracks from the top labels in the game, including of course Boysnoize Records and BNR TRAX, as well as Berlin-based Scuba's Hotflush, Erol Alkan's Phantasy, and Night Slugs.

Consider the mix a preview for a lot of new material, as the Noize tells us himself: "YO here a 60 min mix i did for Diplo & Friends show on Radio1. just a mix of lot of new stuff i m playing right now, most unreleased BNR shit. hope you enjoy!"

Diplo's sultry voice pops up about 16min in to say a few words in homage to the Prince of bangers (although he manages to make it all about himself - how Dip-typical - but we still love ya Wes!):

"What can I say about Boys Noize? One of the most influential Djs in the past decade, one of my favorite Djs, a great friend of mine, also a great producer. We've actually produced a couple of important hip hop records together, you might not know, for Vybz Kartel, for Yasmin, for Snoop Dogg, lots of other rappers I can't mention, that you won't even know because they're so underground and crazy. We've got a lot of history together, me and Boys Noize. Boys Noize Records, very influential. His whole roster is pristine. I wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for Boys Noize, he's very influential to me too, I love what he does, one of my favorite Djs I've ever seen live."

Have a listen and catch the Boys Noize fever!

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