Behind The Scenes of Feed Me’s ‘Teeth’ Stage
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Behind The Scenes of Feed Me’s ‘Teeth’ Stage

Mau5trap’s Feed Me (real name Jon Gooch) has been touring the world over recent months with his custom Teeth stage. For many of us viewing shows like this, we are often naive to the detail, level of technique and technology that goes into such an audio/visual display. The video below shows the development behind Feed Me’s creation and also chats with Jon Gooch about Feed Me in general.

Jon had a previous project under the stage name of Spor, he elaborates in the video about his transition from Spor to Feed Me and what drives him to produce the style that he is now known for.

With more and more live shows like these popping up (ie The Skrillex Cell & Deadmau5’s “Cube”), how long will it be before they become out dated? Could a stage like this be obsolete by the end of a future tour?

Feed Me toured Australia almost a year ago with Parklife but unfortunately this was before this colossal Teeth show.


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