Is this Australia’s worst dance track of 2012?
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Is this Australia’s worst dance track of 2012?

Well it’s taken few months but we’ve found it, what is quite possibly Australia’s worst dance track of 2012.

Last years prestigious winner was Neon Stereowho decided to create a tune with iPhones new fangled vocal helper Siri titled “Massive Bass”, that was… a massive fail – no help there.

This year we welcome Bombs Away & Seany B to ‘Stoney Roads Hall of shame’ for “Get Stoopid” – which is what you will feel after listening/watching it.

Now to some this might come across as the normal cookie cutter commercial dance crap but you see Bombs Away are actually repeat offenders when it comes to LDM (Lowest Denominator Music). They managed to regurgitate up the hit “Super Soaker” that scraped through last year.

come on over here i’ve got something to show ya, i’m going to get you wet with my super soaker”

Seany B in his own right flatlined his career back in 2005 featuring on a TV Rock track “Flaunt It” and has somehow managed to have a double cardiac arrest booming simplistic vocals across our new hall of shamer.

The new track flimsily revolves around a couple one liners and even takes resemblance to a classic Beastie Boys music video (ahem, " target="_blank">Sabotage).

A pro to it all is just how many deadbeats they managed to fit into the one clip – at the 1:35 mark it looks like they dangled enough dicks infront of Gold Coast personalities/DJs The Twins for a cameo.

Here I was thinking the glorification of sluts girls in dance music had moved on and started pointing towards actual skill but we’re back, bustier then ever.

I don’t quite know where i’m going with this and don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of good music out there but this kind of bile inducing filth just isn’t it, by a long shot.

So folks, do the right thing and be sure to give the video a thumbs down.

Until next year!


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