Watch: Kaskade – Freaks of Nature tour Episode 1

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Watch: Kaskade – Freaks of Nature tour Episode 1

In an effort to connect further with his fans online, Kaskade has begun creating web-isodes (similar to Skrillex’s South American Tour Video) that delves into the life of his touring and behind the scenes of getting one of his shows together.

Episode 1 gets into the thick of his times at Coachella, Las Vegas and New York.

The editing of this video is quite intricate and takes a look at the tour from the fans, roadies and of course Kaskade’s perspective. His new live show entails the silhouette of an oversized butterfly that serves as the visual point in which he is placed in the middle of!

For those busy at work, home, chilling, check out Kaskade’s set at Coachella!

Kaskade Live At Coachella 2012 by Kaskade


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