Watch: Justice’s Newlands Official Music Video
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Watch: Justice’s Newlands Official Music Video

We were all teased with a trailer of Justice’s Newlands clip not too long ago and as soon as a date was placed on the release of the official video, I won’t lie I did write it in to my calendar.

The clip feels very ‘Tron’ but more realistic, as though this sport could almost exist in the near future. Here’s the skinny; a match being played between two teams, a sport that I’m not quite sure I understand (but if there are more people like the enigmatic eye-patched cutie playing football, I would sure as hell be more interested) and lots of swooshing sounds. I enjoyed the way the clip cuts in and out of animation but an ending that keeps you hanging for a sequel… What do you think?

“New Lands” is taken from the 2011 release ‘Audio, Video, Disco’, find a swathe of remixes here.


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