Update: Coachella’s proposed location move
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Update: Coachella’s proposed location move

After recent reports that the famed Coachella Festival may be forced to move locations in order to survive a proposed tax increase, Indio city councilman Sam Torres has backed down from his previous stance.

On the issue of the proposed 5-10 percent admission tax, Torres backtracked on his suggestion. According to NBC Los Angeles stating: “I cannot in good conscience allow this to happen no matter how dire the city’s circumstance,” Torres said in a press released posted at 4 p.m. “My sincere hope is that we can now move past this episode and I personally look forward to working to enhance relationships.”

So all can relax as we confirm all is safe for the indio music festival that humbly started in 1999 and has grown to attract over 158,000 people from around the world this year.

The dates for next year’s festival have already been set for April 12th-14th and April 19th-21st.


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