Ultra Music Festival Poland Suddenly Cancelled
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Ultra Music Festival Poland Suddenly Cancelled

Poland is in a bummed out mood after the announcement that the growing Ultra Music Festival brands Polish leg has been cancelled due to some contractual issues.

In a statement announced to fans UMF went into details to why they had to cancel throwing majority of the blame and responsibility on the local promoters SRO. The festival was due to take show in Warsaw on July 13th and 14th.

“We hope our history of consistently producing unparalleled world-class festivals throughout the globe featuring the best artist line ups and highest production quality will give our European fans enough of a reason to continue to support us beyond this unfortunate circumstance. Our local promoter, SRO Festivals (“SRO”), and some of its affiliates, confirmed that they would be unable to meet and perform certain vital contractual obligations essential to successfully producing the UMF Poland Event. We have since terminated our relationship with SRO as a result of these unforeseen and ill-fated developments. For us, delivering UMF’s signature production and ultimate fan experience are components upon which UMF is never prepared to compromise.”

With a strict guideline to what the Ultra Music Festival likes to uphold in their regulations, they closed their statement with: “The core integrity of the UMF brand remains the experience and safety of our fans, the artists, managers, agents and everyone within the EDM community.”

Stubborn local promoters? or over protective branding on UMF’s part? Lets hope it wasn’t because they couldn’t fill all the stars riders!

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