Things Get Worse for Bloc; Festival Placed Into Administration
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Things Get Worse for Bloc; Festival Placed Into Administration

Following on from this weekend’s events at Bloc Festival that we reported on, the company responsible for organising it, Baselogic Productions, has sadly gone into administration. This is bad news, not only because Bloc was looking to establish itself as the leading electronic music festival in the UK, but also because it may make getting ticket refunds more difficult. Hopefully this won’t be the case, however FACT have helpfully put some advice up in order to help people get their money back as soon as possible.

It seems a real shame when the problems of overcrowding on the Friday night seem like that could have been so easily avoided, however we’ll resserve judgement until we hear further statements from Bloc Festival itself. The head of the administration firm now in control stated in a press release that “It is important that we understand the full facts including what funds will be available to creditors and ticketholders and to ensure the information we provide about the next stages of administration is clear and concise”.

Meanwhile, you can head to the Bloc website and see the statement in full. Did you have tickets to go to Bloc? Let us know what your experience was in the comments. Did the organisers have it coming, or will this be a real blow to the festival scene and industry in general? 


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