Paul Oakenfold’s “Fluorescence” Essential Mix

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Paul Oakenfold’s “Fluorescence” Essential Mix

It’s been over five years since Paul Oakenfold last appeared on Radio 1’s Essential Mix show, and nearly 2 decades since his cinematically epic “Goa Mix,” a combination of the Goa trace he was so enraptured with in 1994, track segments, and clips from film soundtracks. The result was a magical journey into sound, and that is the same concept he’s brought back this past weekend with his latest Essential Mix, “Fluorescence.”

You’ll hear the voice of Oakey himself at the start explaining his vision for the mix:

“I wanted to do something special for you Radio 1 listeners. I wanted to take cutting edge sounds from around the world, from edit samples from films and radio, and put them together in a melodic feel. This really will take you on a true journey of the most cutting edge music; it will tell you a story that you’ve never heard before.”

“I’ve called it Fluorescence – as the sound of the mix is inspired by the sound of my underground label Perfecto Fluoro…It’s been a few months work to put it together and it’s packed with not only great melodic music but also samples from film, radio, speech and other audio sources. I hope you are going to like it and enjoy it as much as I did putting it together.”

With 30 Essential Mixes so far, it’s no secret or surprise that Oakenfold is considered one of the world’s finest Djs.


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