Moby on Drugs and Dance Music; “it’s a really nice time”

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Moby on Drugs and Dance Music; “it’s a really nice time”


At this years Aspen Ideas Festival Moby, a veteran of the dance and electronic music scene has said that combining drugs and dance music makes for “a really nice time.”

It’s not all pills and coke though with the innovative producer speaking on the euphoric elements needed adding that  “phenomenally produced dance music”, a massive crowd, lights and ecstasy all compound to create a truly overwhelming experience.

Only recently has Moby kicked his habits from the once engulfing partying ways, from a stage where he had taken so much ecstasy his brain turned into “Swiss cheese”.

Speaking on sobriety in an interview with Spinner he revealed “one of the reasons I don’t drink or do drugs anymore was because it stopped working and it was inhibiting my ability to have a decent life.”

Maybe T in the Park banning legal and herbal highs was a good thing?

source: Mixmag


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