Markus Schulz

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Markus Schulz

Recently in Vegas our team sat down for some Q & A with Markus Schulz. As a consistent top 10 Dj, Markus is one of the biggest names to come out of the US. His classic trance style has been rocking clubs since before Skrillex knew what Emo was. Markus has seen the evolution of the music in the US first hand, and pioneered the growth of the scene. Take a look at what he had to say, and check out his new single ‘Caught’

How does the sound in the US compare to electronic scenes worldwide?

I think is the past couple of years the US has really taken on its own sound, and its own body, and own scene. I think that there is a new generation of clubbers in the United States. Over in Europe it hasn’t rotated yet, the new generation hasn’t really taken over yet. There are a lot of new kids in the the scene but they havent taken over like they have here.

Do you play differently in the US compared to overseas?

I think that the music here in the US is more aggressive, that new sound. So I do now play a little differently in the U.S than I do in Europe. The sound  in the US is not necissarily more commercial, but because EDM is so big here now there are certain tracks that are on the radio that people know and are cool, and people love. I sprinkle a few of those in my set here and there if it flows and fits.

What inspires you?

The fans inspire me. Any time I take the decks and you feel the passion from the fans, that inspires you. There are so many Djs and producers out there. There are so many that make amazing music. At the end of the day, the biggest inspiration comes from the fans.

How would you describe your sound?

My sound that I have always been into has been more melodic. Even though I moved to the US when I was 13, I always sought out the more melodic music. At the time America was wrapped up in hip hop, I was never really into it. Back in the day I used to love the break dance music, because I danced.

Whats new production-wise?

Well, i’m finishing up my new artist album. I’m gonna have that out at the end of the summer. I recently released my new single with Adina Butar, its called ‘Caught’. That will be the first vocal track on the album. Of course then we will do the album tour which is always a lot of fun. We get some of the singers and head out on the road.

Any Up and Coming Producers that you support?

Im so fortunate to travel the world. I get to meet a lot of producers. Two guys I really thing are emerging stars. One of they I found in Columbia his name is Coma, I signed to manage him. He’s amazing I think hes gonna be a big star. From Romania there is a guy names Mr. Pit, he has been making amazing music for my label for years now but we just signed him to a management deal. I think now signing him to my label isnt enough. I want to help them further along, because there is more to it than just releasing peoples music these days. There is a whole process that you have to go through. There is a lot of work that has to be done to help some of these guys achieve their goals, like I acheived mine.

What’s your very first memory of Djing?

The very first time I Djed, me and my break dance crew threw a break dance party. We were passing out flyers for a month. It was in a banquet room at a hotel. The night of the party came and it was completely full. We were all going to take turns Djing, and my friends got cold feet because its was so many people. I jumped on the decks and Djed the entire party. It was cause because I felt it, at that moment I realized YES this is me. I felt like there was really something there. I felt a real enlightenment.

Whats your favorite festival?

Insomniac does an amazing job with the way they take care of their Djs and artists. All the EDC’s I have played at have been very good. In Europe the God’s Kitchen crew are great. I have been playing a lot of their events, the Boom Box events and now the Fusion Cubes. I played some of the Sensation white parties and they are very well organized as well. There are so many of them, and honestly one of the cool things is that I have a very good agency and they work with all the right festival promoters. I’m very lucky to play with professional people. Everything around it is very well. With so many great events out there, its really hard to say ‘Thats my favorite festival’.

Whats Your Favorite Club?

I guess there is two different reasons why I love certain clubs. It could be the people, like in LA. The people there area amazing. Two is the city. I’ve always had a very special connection with Miami since it is my home town. There are just so many amazing clubs there.

What else do you listen to aside from EDM?

Believe it or not, I listen to a lot of classic rock. I listen to the head candy chill out stuff. Lately I’ve been listening to some of the ambient music.

If you could describe your music as a drink what would it be?

An Espresso Martini Shot. A Third Espresso, a third vodka, and a third Khalua. I think thats the way my music is. Its sweet, but its also very  dark and edgy.


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