Before his string of Australian shows the big bad French techno warrior Maelstrom, who has seen releases on BoysNoize Records and Sound Pellegrino was kind enough to give us a buzz on a few burning questions we had to ask.

A bit of banter later we ended up hearing about his favourite Australian sounds, not giving a shit about the negativity currently surrounding dance music and scaring women away with his music!

Dates and a stream of his most recent EP 'Generation' below.

SR - Which artists have influenced your music the most? M - Model 500 / Juan Atkins – Spiral Tribe / Manu Le Malin - `Steve Reich – Terry
Riley – Photek - Goldie

SR - What are you looking forward to doing in Australia? M - Kissing a crocodile

SR - Are there any Australian producers catching your attention at the moment? M - Wordlife, the Finger Prince, Light Year, and the motorik / bang gang crew are
blowing my mind,

SR - What are the songs closest to your heart? M - John coltrane 'a love supreme' – Roy Ayers 'everybody loves the sunshine'

SR - What other talents do you have besides production? M - Cooking, and Parenting skills

SR - What are your thoughts on the current dance/electronic scene? Are we due for an apocalypse-styled revolution? M - Honestly I couldnt care less, there's always going to be good music no matter how,
when, or where.

SR - Have you ever used your music to seduce a woman? M - I've tried once but she run out screaming to the street

Maelstrom Australian Tour Dates

Brisbane – Sunday July 22nd, 2012 | Coniston Lane
Sydney – Friday July 27th, 2012 | Motorik, Club 77
Melbourne – Saturday July 28th, 2012 | Survivor!, The Bottom End

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