Irish Newspaper attacks EDM; Drinks, Drugs and Ignorance
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Irish Newspaper attacks EDM; Drinks, Drugs and Ignorance

Many were shocked at the recent news report of multiple stabbings and a fatality at the Dublin Swedish House Mafia show with fingers being pointed at everything from anti-social behaviour to lack of security at the event.

One such online publication the has taken it a step further and blamed the actual genre for glamorising both drinking and ‘rave drug’ use as well as candidly citing the show as a ‘Hell’s Angel festival crossed with an episode of The Sopranos’.

Now as I see it, at any given time, most nights of the week and the weekend there are dance events happening globally, from small pubs with a single DJ all the way up to full blown festivals attended by 60,000+. What confuses me is the lack of  overwhelming evidence citing these events collectively as drinking and drug fuelled cage matches!

It just doesn’t happen.

Sure the culture does revolve around having a good time that can include either of the aforementioned substances but from it’s origins the culture has been built around people, of all walks of life, coming together and enjoying a single beautiful thing, music.

To label a genre as ‘lethal’ is pure ignorance… the knives and hammers confiscated by security were taken off punters who had made the decision to bring those weapons in, they didn’t pop a pill and a blade magically appeared in their hands.

Being able to hit, punch or stab someone doesn’t come from a couple spins of “Levels” it’s something that a person grows the concious to do over time.

Even more absurd is the connection with Swedish House Mafia who in essence create up-lifting, melodic house music? Maybe the right idea would be try educate people about the dangers of violence and the dangers of ending up in prison instead of telling them to put their glow sticks down?

At least we can agree Madonnas attempt at youth credibility by asking where Molly was at the recent Winter Music Conference was a pile of crap… that and naming her album MDNA #facepalm

I think it’s time for a positive revival, not the negative media spin and general distrust of dance music.


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