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When you muse about iconic club music it’s hard to look past the UK’s Herve. He’s a man who has steadily built a reputation for a-grade remixes and devastatingly great track selection when mixing live.

The past was all about re-jams of Bloc Party, Fake Blood, Wiley and Larry Tee while newer reincarnations are that of Australia’s own Van She and Usher.

In the lead up to his new album ‘Pick Me Up, Sort Me Out, Calm Me Down’ due out July 23rd, came an opportunity to find out the basics as well as delve a little deeper in the catastrophic world of modern dance music.

Sit back and enjoy.

SR – Which artists have influenced your music the most?
H – Aphex Twin, The Neptunes, Brian Eno, Bill Withers, 4AD (the label) and the last 25 years of UK dance music…

SR – Any plans to head to Australia soon?
H – As soon as I can! So many people have told me how great it is over there and how they think my sound would go down really well. Trust me, as soon as I can handle the flight I’m coming for your parties!

SR – Are there any Australian producers catching your attention at the moment?
H – Production wise, Knife Party are incredible. I love their track, ‘Bonfire’ in particular. Hopefully our new Cheap Thrills signing, Death Rose Cult can give them a run for their money! I also think Van She make some great songs (go check out my remix of ‘Idea Of Happiness’ on my soundcloud).

SR – What are the songs closest to your heart?
H – Songs that remind me of my parents. Cocteau Twins – ‘Sugar Hiccup’, Bob Seger – ‘Still The Same’, Nick Drake – ‘Riverman’ and Bill Withers – ‘Just The Two Of Us’.

SR – What other talents do you have besides production?
H – I like writing film scripts. I have a couple on the go at the moment that I feel are shaping up nicely. I came top of my class at university in screen writing, so I may be good… Only time will tell!

I’m pretty awesome at table football. My dad got me and my 3 brothers a table when I was about 5. We didn’t stop playing.

SR – What are your thoughts on the current dance/electronic scene? Are we due for an apocalypse-styled revolution?
H – I think it will stick around in pop music for a while, however the DJ/live dance act scene may well start to become a ridiculous parody of itself and collapse. Also, a lot of kids after their first 12-18 months will start to look for less obvious dance music and move on. They may just stop going to raves all together and get into band music (this is a pattern I’ve seen happen many times over and over).

To be honest I just get on with my music, label and life! I don’t think it’s worth predicting things. Everything has changed so much in the last 3-4 years and continues to change, so it’s hard to make any predictions.

SR – Have you ever used your music to seduce a woman
H – Not intentionally… I have been told by a few girls that they like to bang to my music?!?!

Expect the first single ‘How Can I Live Without You (Make It Right)’ July 15th and watch the official video below


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