Festival Bans Legal and Herbal Highs
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Festival Bans Legal and Herbal Highs

Scottish festival T in the Park has officially banned legal and herbal highs and will possibly set the precedent for other global events!

More and more festival goers have been experimenting with the ‘legal’ and ‘herbal highs’ due to the ease of being purchased online and their synthetic-closeness to the illegal and at times expensive kind.

The decision was reinforced following the details of the 19 year old who died at the recent Rockness Festival on a legal high know as ‘Benzo Fury – which shares it’s chemical similarity to other amphetamines and methylenedioxy compounds (MDA).

A spokesperson from T in the Park said “Legal, or herbal highs, are not permitted on site. Selling these substances is prohibited and anyone found with them will have them confiscated. It is important that music fans understand that ‘legal’ does not mean safe.”

Have you tried these legal and herbal highs? What has your experience been like?

Certainly seems like our Facebook users are not fans!

source: Mixmag


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