Exclusive Stream of Shed’s ‘The Killer’
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Exclusive Stream of Shed’s ‘The Killer’

Resident Advisor got their hands on an über exclusive stream of what they’re calling “one of the year’s most eagerly anticipated full-lengths from arguably the planet’s foremost techno producer.” That’s quite a mouthful, and before you let any more words get in the way, listen to the stream NOW because it’s only available until Thursday, July 26th at 14:00 GMT. The release date is July 27th on 50WEAPONS.

The Killer is Shed’s (René Pawlowitz) third LP, after Shedding the Past (voted best album by RA in 2008) and The Traveller. The Killer truly is a tribute to Techno as a surviving genre, and as you’ll hear for yourself, Shed brings some of his deepest, darkest, and most soulful melodies to this release.

Modeselektor posted a preview of The Killer to soundcloud, including a comment from 50WEAPONS about Shed’s debut release for the label: “The Killer was produced in March 2012. Aimed to be more homogeneous, the album is first and foremost a true techno love story.”


1 – STP3/The Killer

2 – Silent Witness

3 – I Come By Night

4 – Gas Up

5 – Day After

6 – Phototype

7 – The Praetorian (LP Mix)

8 – Ride On

9 – You Got The Look

10.I – Viomf!/The Filler

10.II – Follow The Leader



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