Exclusive: The Sneekers – Watkat (Animal Language Edit)
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Exclusive: The Sneekers – Watkat (Animal Language Edit)

This is a Stoney Roads exclusive. This is also a good song. Really good, like verging on great. Animal Language is Mason’s label so it is to them we owe this honour. To be honest when I first heard the AL edit I danced around my room like I was on my third vodka sunrise (lol jokes I drink scotch and cokes because I am awesome). It is as groovy as 1963 with a driving bass that is relentless in its dance inducing abilities. You know those tracks that seem to be the same delicious recipe of dance goodness over and over, this is one of those tracks. But just as you think you’ve heard the same loop one too many times, at 2:30 it blows up into a techno frenzied delight. Get ready to be hearing this one out because it is a stone cold dance floor killer/filler.

This is the first place you’ll be hearing the Animal Language edit but if you’re thirsty for more, The Sneekers’ Watkat EP is available on Beatport now.


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