dirtybird Summer EP [Preview]
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dirtybird Summer EP [Preview]

Dirtybird is all about sharing and caring, and one of the reasons for their unstoppable success has been the sense of generosity and openness label head Claude Vonstroke extends to up-and-coming artists. He signs new talent for all the right reasons, as showcased in the new dirtybird Summer EP preview (due out July 18th) featuring four fresh, international additions to the Cali based crew.

The first track “3 Degrees” is a jazzy melody by the Munnibrotherz, hailing from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The second track is a funkier production called “Jump Up” by newest label member Nick Olivetti from Rome, Italy, followed by a playful third track by Genghis Clan (it’s no surprise Claude loves these wacky vocals!). And finally, track four from Bristol’s Waifs & Strays called “Lost (In The Party) is full of those fat basslines dirtybird releases are known for.

Peep a bit of commentary on the EP from the big Birdman himself:

And we’re off! Who has the lucky task of following up Justin Martin’s epic Ghettos & Gardens album? It’s a sampler called “dirtybird summer” celebrating the sounds and sunshine of this year’s amazing summer season.  

Track one of this diverse four parter is a melodic overture by the Munnibrotherz from South Africa who debuted on dirtybird last year with the hit record “Moon Chon Chayouh.” Track two is a dirtybird virgin, Nick Olivetti. Some of you have probably heard me drop his track “Hectic Guitar” at some point on the road this year, it was a big part of my live sets. This new one “Jump Up” is just as deadly and even more focused on the super heavy grooves Nick is so good at producing.  

Track three is a really fun db style party track by Genghis Clan. Its got the big build up and the fun vox samples but the drop is pure house music and pure summer groove. It really works, especially outdoors. Last but not least are my buddies from Bristol, Waifs & Strays who are also making a debut on dirtybird with “Lost In The Party.” This is kind of like a nu-disco style track if the producers were from Bristol and grew up on filthy basslines and roast dinners. Its also got elements of Detroit techno. Simple and effective I like to say..  




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