Danny Daze – Zone
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Danny Daze – Zone

Future Classic DJs are releasing an official mix compilation and this is the first of 10 tracks that will be exclusively featured in the mix. Now I’m not only excited about this mix because Future Classic always have their finger on the pulse when it comes to breakout artists and tantalising tracks but because the first track they have slipped out is from Danny Daze.

This track features that distinct Daze bass that is deep, grinding and dripping in darkness. It is very difficult, at least for me, to describe Danny’s music with words because it is other worldly and transports you to another dimension where only dank warehouses without windows and faceless disc jockeys exist. How the hell am I supposed to describe that?! I don’t if you just listen to the track…

Keep an eye out for more exclusive tracks from Future Classicand the compilation will be released August 13.


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