Cassian and Anna Lunoe kicked off decks in Hollywood

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Cassian and Anna Lunoe kicked off decks in Hollywood

Update: Drais’ Nightclub responded to this post, we rebut…

Sydney, Australia exports Anna Lunoe and Cassian have suffered a humiliating shock after being kicked off the decks in a Hollywood nightclub to make way for a black eyed pea member.

The reasoning behind the sudden bunting was broken by Cassian via his Twitter account stating “@annalunoe and myself kicked off the decks in Hollywood by the Black Eyed Peas.” followed by a message from Anna. “Really sorry for those who came to see me play tonight”, “Obviously it was out of my control”.

The decks at nightclub Drai were then “graced” (COUGH) rudely half way through Cassian’s set by Black Eyed Peas extra for what I would imagine to be a commercial set. No statement has been released by the club (More to come.)

With the recent kicking off of Calvin Harris and Dennis Ferrer in Miami, are club owners and promoters being blinded by the dollar bill signs? or is it the rise of EDM?

Update: few interesting ‘facts’ and a photo of the offending ‘pea

  • WAS joined by Will I Am, they played 15 minutes each
  • Played an edit of Gotye’s ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ with the lyrics replaced by “now you’re somebody that I used to fuck”
  • played the same Oasis remix twice in a row
  • played off Traktor


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