Watch: Die Antwoord – Babys on fire (Hilarious!)
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Watch: Die Antwoord – Babys on fire (Hilarious!)

Prepare to be taken on a 7 minute journey into the crazy “Zef Side” world of Die Antwoord through their latest single ‘Babys on fire’ from their album Ten$ion.

The video tells the story of an over protective older brother/ golden child (Ninja) and his little sister (Yolandi Visser) who plays a “innocent” girl keen to get frisky with the bad boys against Ninja’s will.

One of my favourite moments as I have documented in the screen grab is Ninja’s Red Bull skull. Like so many of us, he takes the piss out of that moment that was meant to happen when you try to skull a drink in 2.4 seconds but can only manage to do it in 2.4 minutes.

The story line is engaging, funny, risky, strangely tasteful and sexy all leading to a moment of insanity. This is your 7 minutes of entertainment. Enjoy

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