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It was a dark and foggy night as the ravenous raver rumblings rose from the streets of San Francisco in anticipation of pure, bass-infused, laser-lit debauchery at Electro Pop Rocks (EPR), NorCal’s largest weekly electronic music event since 2008.

We had the honor and privilege of being there on this very special night to meet up with with Michael Vincent Patrick, one half of Designer Drugs and Big Daddy of Sex Cult Records during his label’s non-stop West Coast tour.

Michael and the lovely Sex Cult crew mates, including Skitsnygg, PLS DNT STP, Richie Panic, and Your Dirty Habit, invited us to a truly unparalleled behind-the-scenes experience inside their infamous white touring limo to talk about label love, stylistic transformations, the “uniqueness of EPR”, and the many manifestations of their daily mantra: “Ball So Hard.”

Check out the raw realness of our Sex Cult tape for yourself below and hear what the label has been cooking up recently with the first installment of their Sex Tape mix series. You can also read more about Sex Cult in our feature here.


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