New Order wildman to head ‘music industry degree’
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New Order wildman to head ‘music industry degree’

The University of Central Lancashire has announced a dream opportunity to take up a degree focused on the music industry headed by New Order wildman Peter Hook!

In an interview with the BBC, Hook distilled some information on his motivation to help people through this form of learning and mentoring. The New Order bass player turned DJ refers to his time working with Factory Records and the now legendary Manchester venue ‘The Hacienda’.

“The way that Factory worked, it was full of very creative people who never looked after business – and that’s why all those businesses crashed.They were based on very idealistic ideas, very creative, very naive. They only rumbled on because Joy Division and New Order’s success paid for all our mistakes. In Factory and the Hacienda – and in many ways in New Order and Joy Division – we never really looked after business.”

The course will be open to a meer 10 lucky students per intake and will also include industry lectures from Ministry of Sounds’s Tony Rigg! Wish I was living in England.

We’re equally surprised a man who ‘fakes’ dj sets is somehow teaching university kids!

via factmag


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