Lockah – When U Stop Feeling Like a Weirdo… EP
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Lockah – When U Stop Feeling Like a Weirdo… EP

Hailing from Aberdeen, Scotland and founder of Tuff Wax Records, Lockah has busted out all over the bass music scene with his debut EP, When U Stop Feeling Like a Weirdo & Become a Threat.┬áIt’s dripping with his quirky yet refined swagger, and you won’t be able to listen just once. Rising from the ashes of the UK’s post-dub-era, Lockah has joined forces with Mad Decent, recently featured on the Jeffree’s free release project.

The EP’s title itself speaks to his masterful use of skittish syncopation set against delicate melodies, tough hip-hop influences and vocals, playful high hats, and deep, dramatic basslines. “Now U Wanna” is a delicious concoction of dreamy blips, menacing horns and a savage vocal loop: “Now you wanna fuck with me?!”

“Goons and Roses” reveals Lockah’s softer side. Delicate twinkles are interspersed with climactic synths, and an on-off beat percussion that ties it all together. He takes us even deeper with “The Sour Drink from The Ocean”, a euphoric, chilling love song of sorts, punctuated by mournful vocals. And the Pictureplane Dark Sea remix version takes the track to another level of romance, layering in a wide range of frequencies and upping the tempo for an astonishingly fresh rendition that pays homage to the original’s integrity.

In only 4 tracks’ time, Lockah manages to take us on an epic journey into a dreamland of genre-eluding wondrousness – not to mention downloadable. Get it! You DO wanna fuck with this.


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