Keep It Simple EP – Locked Groove
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Keep It Simple EP – Locked Groove

In the shape-shifting worlds of house and techno, going against an ever-evolving grain will never loose it’s edge. As long as the genre-bending is complex enough to be interesting rather than cacophonous, and simple enough to maintain symphonic cohesion, the wellspring of fresh sounds will forever overfloweth upon our eager ears. Locked Groove is a perfect example of an artist who has taken a radically transformative approach to music, and in his latest EP due out on June 18th, he gives a new meaning to the phrase Keep It Simple.

The first track called “Keep Running” incorporates the drama of big room bass with searing siren wails collapsing into a dramatic, sumptuous, clubby melody. But then he switches gears to lock and load in “Aller Simple”, intermingling dynamically patterned percussions with hissing cymbals. This is just a linguistic guess, but the play on the words with that title, using the “simplest” of French verbs (aller, “to go”) is a clever way to hit home on his rather ironic theme. The third track, “Even”, melts into pensive, quirky distortion with bemoaning vocals and organ tones, only to return to higher energy, but ever dark and understated drum beats in the final track, which is a dub take (and digital release bonus) of the opener, “Keep Running (Dub Tool).”

This EP is being released on Hotflush, label brainchild of the sultry, subterranean Scuba, but Locked Groove (humanoid name: Tim Van de Meutter) is actually straddling two of the hottest labels of late and released an EP just a few months ago called Different Paths on Tiga’s notorious Turbo Recordings. Not to mention, he’s only about 23 years old…but apparently that’s just how they do it in Belgium. Jackin, pure and simple.


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