Japanese File-sharers Could Face Jail Over New Laws
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Japanese File-sharers Could Face Jail Over New Laws

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In October this year in Japan, illegal file-sharers could face jail time over offenses.

On the surface illegal downloaders could be looking down the barrel of two years in prison or fines of up to 2 million yen while ‘unauthorised uploaders’ face punishments 5 times harsher with a potential jail time of 10 years.

Further still, the ‘ripping’ of content in a way that bypasses digital copy protection is also facing a clampdown with local and national governments now legally obligated to educate youngsters on the nature of illegal download prevention.

The reason? In 2010 the RIAJ,┬áRecording Industry Association of Japan courted data showing nearly 440 million legal downloads and ten times the illegal kind – that’s 440 billion downloads!

Makes you wonder, do harsher laws stop the downloads?

source: FACT Mag


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