James Blake collaborating with US hip hop star!
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James Blake collaborating with US hip hop star!

Update: James Blake has come out on his Facebook wondering where this all began, guess he’s not really doing anything with lil wayne!

In what has to be considered a very strange combination of artists, James Blake has emerged as to be doing a unique collaboration with US in and out of prison guy Lil Wayne!

The news was broken via UK hip hop artist Trim in an interview with FACT. Trim spoke about his thoughts on Blake’s music as well as material they have been working on as well.

“He’s just come back from America, doing tunes with Lil Wayne and stuff. It was kind of strange our relationship and how it all came about, but I’m happy to know someone like him! He’s sick at what he does, definitely. Weird music, but I’m a weird person, so I’ll always like that kind of stuff.”

I for one am excited to so the outcome after the impressive results of James Blake’s most recent release under his side-project Harmonix!

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