Guy tripping balls at EDC 2012
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Guy tripping balls at EDC 2012

Remember that " target="_blank">girl at Ultra who ended up kissing a tree for the whole internet? Well she’s been topped by a guy absolutely tripping balls in the car park at EDC 2012.

The first video shows the man lying in the dirt repeating the word ‘exactly’ over and over and over while also making random warbled sounds and what could be ‘bass drops’.

In the second video police, ambulance and security members surround him and grab him, eventually putting him on a stretcher and in the van.

At first you can’t help but laugh but the total length and complete disregard for any human interaction could point this at being something of a trip with devastating effects.

A comment under the video is meant to be from a friend of the victim;

This is my friend right here and i was with him. just to clear shit up for all you faggots, we found a breathe mint bottle on the ground and were jokingly eating it. next thing we knew the bottle was empty and we were frying balls. we left the park trying to get to our ride and to safety but my friend here ran off ahead of us understandably. the bottle was about 2/3s full and empty by the time we realized what was going on. no one intentionally eats 20 plus hits

Who knows, we hope the guys alright!


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