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Digitalism Interview

Digitalism have long been praised for there on-going progression, tireless production and energetic live performance!

The release of ‘Idealism’ and the more recent ‘I Love You Dude’ record has cemented Digitalism as a timeless act with a punchy career almost hitting a decade.

In lei of the release of their !K7 DJ-Kicks mixtape we were give the opportunity to ask some questions about inspiration, talents and Australia (of course).

Which artists have influenced your music the most?

Composers of C64 1980s video game soundtracks, Ennio Morricone, Vangelis, John Williams, lots of Post Punk bands, early U2, Daft Punk, The Hives, various early 90s dance and house producers… We absorbed so much stuff, it’s hard to pick certain names. It’s more the sum of all of it.

Australia is slowly becoming your second home, any plans to return again soon?

We surely won’t be too long! It’s always great to play in Australia, and the last tour took it to a next level, playing Goovin’ The Moo on the countryside. Big fun.

Are there any Australian producers catching your attention at the moment?

We’re really good friends with The Presets, can’t wait for their new stuff. We heard Tame Impala are working on music again, and in the States we just bumped into fellow Tommy Trash – he’s a funny guy. People are going crazy here when he’s playing.

What are the songs closest to your hearts?

The Verve’s ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’ could be one of those.

Have either of you got any other talents?

Isi is great in football (soccer), Jence has started getting into photography… We both like to cook actually!

Have you ever used your music to seduce a woman?

No we didn’t need to, but we strongly recommend that.

Purchase Digitalisms !K7 DJ-Kicks mixtape here.


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