Camp Bisco 2012 The Artist Run Festival
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Camp Bisco 2012 The Artist Run Festival

With huge competition in the festival circuit a large summer event is probably in your town or near. The gap between that large events they are usually seen from the internet is becoming smaller. Why fly to LA when the same lineup is in Ohio? Why pay the Miami prices when there is a 3 day event 2 hours away? These festivals that before were not as EDM influenced or have gained notoriety over the years have been giving the massives a run for their money.

One particular case is the Albany, NY based Camp Bisco. Running for eleven years, the event founded by the Disco Biscuits has hosted some of the top performers in entertainment. This year with their inclusion of artist-run label the electronic crowd will be right at home. This enables artists to input some of the best up and coming artists and showcase work in their element. With headliners Skrillex, Basnectar, Amon Tobin, and the Disco Biscuits themselves, Its a reflection of who is pushing the boundaries of of the genre.

The complete linup is the full roster of involved labels and then some. It is guaranteed to be a mix of visually and audio eroticism. The great benefit of the smaller events (If 50k people is smaller) are their ability to focus on a better experience with visual installations. We recently attended Starscape  a similar but smaller festival that hit the ball out of the park with layout and ease of movement. Followed by a train tour Skrillex is really feeling the Disco roots, on the trail of the Jam Bands. Even if your not in the Northeast this one is worth the trip. At least it may be a bit cooler then the rest of the Southern States. Tickets are still left, but bound to sell out soon. Pick on up, and head to the new-age Woodstock.


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