Boiler Room To Launch In The States
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Boiler Room To Launch In The States

Boiler Room has set in motion the launch a weekly party in the states alternating between locations in New York/Los Angelas and curated by the Gaslamp Killer.

The club night, founded in London is one that has always held my curiosity with its consistent array of talent stemming from new discoveries to real heads of the dance and electronic scene.

Not many venues can boast to have had the likes of SBTRKT, Lunice and Blawan all play sets at the same venue in the same year as James Murphy, Orbital and Boys Noize… hell even the mau5 played there!

It’s ability to veil proceedings of set times, it’s acts and the ‘invite only’ routine has helped forge one of the fiercest communities of underground fans.

The move across the pond will hopefully see a similar stead of DJs and producers take to the decks who will share a ‘realer’ approach to dance and electronic in a time when we could really use it!

Here’s hoping Boiler Room makes its way downunder to Australia.


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