Backstage: Deadmau5 Rolling Stone cover shoot
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Backstage: Deadmau5 Rolling Stone cover shoot

Rolling Stone’s latest issue has the dance music world a-buzz with Canadian electronic nerd Deadmau5 taking the front cover of the traditionally ‘Rock N Roll” publication.

The magazine went on tour with the regularly controversial producer earlier this year as they travelled from London to festivals in Norway and Swedan by private jet and even had the man worried about what was eventually published as ‘brutally frank opinions’.

“I’m actually kinda scared to pick up a copy of the mag… lmfao… they did some long ass interview in there and i cant remeber what the hell I was ranting about. oh well…. should be interesting to say the least. lol .. seriously, the rolling stone editor dude who came on tour was a rad guy, n we had fun 😀 thats all i give a shit about!”

The video (which we couldn’t embed because Rolling Stone video embedder absolutely sucks) has a short interview with Deadmau5 and goes into detail his song making process.

He also manages to take digs at some producers who make out producing a track to be an epic journey and pokes fun at his fans musical composition knowledge.

We’re still diving into Deadmau5’s backstage rider and the candid shots of  Deadmau5 as a young raver below!


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