Aphex Twin to conducts Orchestra… unconventionally!
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Aphex Twin to conducts Orchestra… unconventionally!

The eccentric electronic musician Aphex Twin (who recently had beef with Mike Skinner from ‘The Streets’) is set to get weirder with a rare london show in which he will conduct an orchestra… via remote control.

Now, this performance is no small feat by any means with a 40 strong performance crew including a 12 strong choir and 28-piece heritage orchestra in what is described as ‘Interactive Tuned Feedback Pendulum Array’ spectacular!

The video below is a showcase of what hungry Aphex Twin fans will get to digest, with visual cues on a wide set array of LED screens signalling instructions to particular section of the performers!

If you are keen to check the performance out, look no further than getting online 10am London time (June 28). More information can be found on the Barbican website.


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