RAC feat. Penguin Prison – Hollywood (The Magician Remix)
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RAC feat. Penguin Prison – Hollywood (The Magician Remix)

The Magician‘s remixes are always highly anticipated. You can barely find a free spot to click to leave a comment on the Soundcloud player of his tracks, those are some coveted spots. It’s all with good reason of course and I can’t say he’s left me disappointed.

This remix sports the lovely vocals from Penguin Prison who always tug at my heartstrings but with the added goodness of a driving hook and some crazy breakdown which has lots of echoey deliciousness. It’s a track that’ll have you clapping along, singing along and if your foot ain’t tapping along to this, I have news: you’re ears are lying to you.

Download it for free at www.greenlabelsound.com

RAC feat. Penguin Prison “Hollywood” (THE MAGICIAN Remix) by TheMagician


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